OWNERS PORTAL Maintenance and tips 

Tips to eliminate a service calls.

If the cover won't operate, check these items first:

  • Maintain Proper pool water level.
  • Check main breaker and reset GFI.
  • Check uses switches (if equipped), located on circuit board
  • Disconnect main breaker first.

Do not over tighten brake adjustments

Information on all these conditions are 

Maintenance and tips to enhance Cover life.

  • When shocking or super-chlorinating pool, if possible leave pool uncovered with filtration operating until the chlorine reading has reached a swim-safe level. THE POOL SHOULD NOT BE LEFT UNSUPERVISED WHEN THE COVER IS OFF THE POOL.
  • Always remove standing water from the top of cover and path holes as soon as possible.
  • Check the drain in the recessed mechanism box, keeping it free of debris.
  • Lubricate bearings and grease fittings at the beginning of each pool season.

Information on all these conditions are in the Cover-Pools Owner's Manuals.


Upgrade your existing pool cover system for more power and convenience

Simplify your automatic pool cover system and improve your pool cover performance — upgrade to an electric big RED™ motor and automatic mechanism with the Cover Link touchpad control, exclusively from Cover-Pools. You can utilize your existing track, fabric, and lids when you upgrade your Save-T Cover II, Save-T Cover II Diamond Edition, Model 1, or competitor's system.

Special packages are available specifically for converting your cover system. Call Cover-Pools for details or ask your local dealer about your options. Download Save-T 3 and Cover Link upgrade brochure,  Download details about upgrading your Model 1 to a Save-T 3 system.

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